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Excessive voltage breakdown
Date:2019-12-26 Click:4049
① The line has been struck by lightning and the lightning protection is incomplete. Lightning protection facilities should be improved.

②. Misoperation, such as raising the generator voltage too high at no load. The generator should be boosted strictly in accordance with the operating regulations to prevent misoperation.

③, the internal overvoltage of the generator, including operating overvoltage, arcing overvoltage, and resonance overvoltage, etc., should strengthen the winding insulation preventive test to timely find and eliminate defects in the stator winding insulation.

7: The stator core is loose:

The iron core was not fastened due to improper manufacturing and assembly. If the entire iron core is loosened, for small generators, two iron plates smaller than the inner diameter of the stator winding end can be put on the studs and tightened. After the original shape is restored, tighten the original clamping bolts of the iron core. If the local iron core is loose, you can first apply silicon steel sheet paint between the loose pieces, and then insert hard insulating material in the loose parts.